Microsoft Exchange E-mail Solutions:-

In today’s world, e–mail has become one of the primary media to communicate both for personal and professional purposes. However, the standard and conventional e-mail solutions available in the market are not suitable to address all the business needs of an organization. Hence, it is imperative that there should be a dedicated e-mail solution service that can ensure the smooth flow of information within an organization.

Considering this, Ricoh offers Microsoft Exchange email solutions which is an advanced and affordable solution. In the present era, most business firms prefer shifting to advanced e-mail solutions like Microsoft Exchange as opposed to setting up their own server, since it requires a lot of maintenance and management for keeping up the same.

Microsoft Exchange is way more preferred by customers, as compared to traditional e-mail solutions. This is mainly because of the round the clock support that is provided by the organization, in case there is any issue that needs to be resolved. The support department is extensive and is available at any time throughout the day to provide instant support. So, in terms of support and reliability there is hardly any alternative of Microsoft Exchange.

Moreover, Microsoft Outlook is extremely user-friendly and completely customizable. It’s also quite easy to edit and handle this solution even for a person who has little or no knowledge about e-mail.
Some of the key features of a Microsoft Exchange e-mail solution are –

Dedicated Zimbra Features –